“People Behaving Badly” features man sexing it up with raft, girlfriend on fire and much, much more.

This is a really short update because I’m currently furloughed and want to spend as much of this unpaid vacation time as possible punishing my liver.  I mean I can’t punch an elected representative so this is the next best thing right?

What I’ve learned during the first four days of furlough is this — anything I promise anyone after 5 p.m. (or the fifth beer, whichever comes first) cannot be held up as legally binding in a court of law.

In other words, don’t ask.

My raging alcoholism and the ongoing furloughcation aside, this situation does give me a chance to talk about a new blog started by our very own FnRotton. If you aren’t already aware FnRotton edits this piece of … I mean this blog.  She’s even been a contributor from time to time.

People behaving badly, like this bitch

People behaving badly, like this bitch

Her new blog, People Behaving Badly, is just what it sounds like — and no I’m not featured on page one — yet. It’s a hilarious look at some of mankind’s more “interesting” people. Of course by interesting I mean fucking retarded. People Behaving Badly trolls the depths of the internet for stories of criminal, moronic or just plain crazy behavior and posts them in plain sight for all of us to enjoy.

Think of it as Fark.com if every entry on Fark dealt with someone having sex with an inflatable mattress.  OK, actually don’t think of it as being like Fark at all.

Like FnRotton hasn't make love to an inflatable raft

Like FnRotton hasn’t made love to an inflatable raft. Come on. Haven’t we all?

So I need you to go, read a few, comment and follow it up over there.

FnRotton, aka, Fran, already told me if at least 50 of my readers didn’t follow her new endeavor she’d leave entire paragraphs of my next Had a Few Beers entry entirely unedited.

No one wants that …

And if 100 HAFBs readers go there and sign up Fran totally promised to show me her boobs, which I think is a goal we can all get behind. (Are you insane? Don’t you remember how when you sent me that unsolicited cock shot I swore I’d never reciprocate?  ~Fran)

Finally, do me another favor, (remember I’m furloughed, have mercy) go and “like” the People Behaving Badly  FB page.

(Note: As I’ve previously mentioned we recently moved HAFB’s from the WordPress.com server onto a private server.  The transition went gone surprisingly well … except one thing — in the transition, I lost all the people who follow HAFB via email.  If you received updates from HAFB via subscription, first I apologize and second, I hope you’ll take a few moments to re-subscribe using the link up on the right side of the page.  Thanks!)

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