HAFBs store now open for business. Discount Russian orphans, beer mugs and panties now for sale.

I’d like to first tell you that every dime we raise here at Had a Few Beers with our new Café Press store goes to a charity organization …

OK, I can’t even finish that sentence without laughing.  All profits go to beer, porn, gambling and to drinking beer while watching porn and gambling.

That’s actually not even true.

What is true is we’re now selling stuff.

By stuff I mean beer mugs, shot glasses, golf balls, undergarments, human organs, Russian orphans, beer coaster and that kind of stuff.

All of these things are proudly sporting the, “Had A Few Beers” logo and URL. Even the kids! I took the time and effort to have the logo and the URL tattooed right on their cute little orphan faces.

They’re sure to be a hit at your next dinner party.  I can hear your guests now, “Oh, did you get him from that Had a Few Beers Café Press store?  How cute!”

No children were tattooed during this blog.

No children were tattooed …

All jokes aside, a few months back with the help of the author of the blog Oh God My Wife is German, we unveiled our new logo and banner.  He, Fran and I were talking and decided to set up a Café Press store because the logo was that cool.

I insisted we include panties in that store because nothing makes me laugh like a guy picking up a chick at a club only to find my logo just above her sweet spot once he gets her home.  Even if the chances of that happening are .0000000000001% over the course of my lifetime it’s still a chance and the humor bar for me is sort of low.

    Totally not made by Burmese street urchins.

Totally not made by Burmese street urchins.

I want to be clear, the decision to include panties in the Café Press store was mine and mine alone but at $10.79 a pair, I mean come on, who wouldn’t include that deal?

Anyway, no joke, I promise not to keep a cent of the money earned. Not a dime. I won’t spend any of it on this blog’s upkeep or cost. All profits, however small or large are going back to the people that run this place.

Writing jokes about porn, beer and boobs really is pretty easy, I don’t need money for that shit.

It’s its own reward.

If we end up making a million dollars with the Café Press store the above statements are all null and void.

So, I’ll try not to mention the store again, well much anyway. It’s right there to the right of these very words after all. Check it out. Buy it up.

You needed a new set of beer mugs and shot glasses anyway.

Aren’t the playing cards in your house worn out, covered in buffalo-wing grease and shame anyway?

If so I have you covered .

I’d write a ton more, but I have to go buy 20 pairs of Had a Few Beers panties because nothing says Merry Christmas like this blog’s logo on a loved one’s vagina.

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